Hyper Welding CUT-120 Plasma Cutter

Performance characteristics:

IGBT inverter technology.  IGBT single tube full bridge inverter technology, with sufficient output current to meet high-intensity work, accurately preset cutting current + adjustable gas delay.

IGBT dual module full bridge inverter, industrial full current output,dust-proof structure

design + high-efficiency arc current + integrated solenoid valve to control gas output.

Engaged in personal metal processing enterprises such as maintenance,decoration, steel

processing and machining.

Optimize three prevention (waterproof, dustproof, wind erosion) air duct design, machine can work stably in extreme harsh environment, greatly improve the life of the machine, the wind cooling utilization rate of the fan is as high as 100%, greatly improve the load rate of the cutting machine, It enables the machine to work continuously for a long time.

Adopts multi-plate separation and partition centralized assembly structure, increase the radiator area and optimize the air duct, so that the heat dissipation is concentrated, the heat dissipation efficiency is higher, the machine performance is better at the same time. Multi-plate separation greatly reduces the maintenance cost, and centralized assembly reduces the maintenance cost.

Over-current, overheat double protection function, prevent improper operation to damage the machine and protect the safety of users.

Supporting generator matching mode

Automatic start and stop of fan

Ultralight easy to carry