Swedic SW-11500 Outdoor Power




Swedic SW-11500 Outdoor Power

Diesel generator set silent / easy open type

This powerful 10kVA diesel generator set is equipped with both a 32A 380V and a 230V connection. The set is very suitable for events and such.
The generator is equipped with an oil security. This prevents damage to the engine. If the oil level is too low, the engine is automatically switched off. Also, a red light flashes on the control panel.

Technical specifications:

  • Frequency 50Hz
  • Rated AC voltage 230V / 400V
  • DC output 12V / 8.3A
  • Rated output (400V) 10 KVA
  • Max. output (400V) 10,5 KVA
  • Rated output (230V) 8 KVA
  • Max. output (230V) 8,5 KVA
  • Rated current (400V) 16A
  • Rated current (230V) 32A
  • Speed 3000rpm
  • Sound level (@1m) 87 dB
  • Fuel tank capacity 30L
  • Consumption 3,44L/hour at maximum power
  • Isonorm 9001